SunCare® és SunCare Plus™ (Sunny Dew)
SunCare® és SunCare Plus™   (Kandesn general skin care)
The Stevia rebaudiana bertoni a kind of a monoculture in the family of the chrysanthemums. It comes from South America where the aborigines use stevia leaves since centuries because of the beneficial properties, and they made out that it tastes pleasantyl sweet. The stevia is a considerable herb, which helps to maintain the healthy skin.

A SunCare and SunCare Plus is the effective source of the extract of the stevia leaves. In several cases the stevia natural structure is modifying in the applied chemical intervention during the elaboration of stevia. On the other hand the stevia in the SunCare and SunCare Plus is going through a special cleaning and concentration process, in the course of which the natural structure of the stevia in the product remains unchanged.

In Europe – as in our country – we use as a skin care product.
In the USA and other countries used as an additional dietary supplement (Sunectar and Sunny Dew) is distributed where the stevia is used as a tested, perfect, physiological effect sweetener.
The main active agents the steviosides (glicosides, sugar derivatives) 30 times sweeter than the dextrose but the calorific value is minimal – the calorie-free and healty sweetening is possible with this product.

Advantageous features:
  • It has good ceratoplastic and and reduces inflammation, supports the recovery without scars.
  • It feeds the skin, repairs the flexibility and appearance if it is used as a face pack in some days. The sugars are hygroscopic effect materials, so as the stevia (drying effect), so use the Kandesn and Oi-Lin deep moisturizing cream, perhaps the special Oi-Lin face care product.
  • In case of skin problems (acnes, eczema, scars, burnt injuries etc) cream undiluted way several a day the concerned area, commonly a significant improvement can be observed
  • The bactericid and fungicid effect is known, that is why you may want to apply in case of skin surface injuries and first aids, and handy to keep.
  • They are fungicid which can be demandable in external and internal fungus.
  • The SunCare is a dark brown stevia concentrate, through sedative and nutrient effect great choice in case of every kind of skin types.
  • The SunCare plus is the colorless, highly concentrated extract of the stevia leaves, magnificently refreshing and effective skin care for everybody. 
Suggested use: 

Apply to the sufficient area with  your fingertips, and massage with wet fingers till it works off.
Made of water, stevia extract, camomile and chrysanthemum extract.

SunCare® 30 ml              8 000,- Ft
SunCare Plus™ 30 ml     8 000,- Ft

The product is not a pharmaceutical or medicinal preparations. It has OETI and KERMI permission in Hungary.
Daily, regular intake is highly recommended independently the age and state of health.
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