SunSmile® Grapy-berryed-washing fruits

„Like the fire, everything thrown into, consume"

Suggested use:
  • Can be used diluted and undiluted way. It keeps it effect for an hour!
  • Because of its general fungicide effect, it is suitable against hand or athlete’s foot.
  • Small sections and burnt scars can be sterilised with it immediately. Even if it is diluted or undiluted. If it burns, that is a natural reaction, which passes away in some moments.
  • Pruritus, a case of an invisible on the skin, but itching mutation, some drops to the water or Calli tea, 1-2 drops of washing fruits. Put ont he skin, the area of the mouth etc. The discomfort passes away immediately, or in some days. The continuity is important, should be repeated several a day, for some days.
  • It is excellent against coli bacteria, salmonella, dust mites, lice, flea and its eggs, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, verruca also.
  • Suitable for disinfection of boil, wiping of acne skin.
  • Oily dandruff hair washing, some drops to the water or mixed to the shampoo. 
  • Treating aphthae
  • Gargle in case of sore throat: 3-4 drops to 1-1,5 dl water
  • To remove tick, to disinfect the pinch
  • Unhidrotic. Wiping the armpit by some drops, even diluted or in 1-2 drops of water
  • Wiping the orifices
  • For small children against the parasites to collect in the playground, or to demolition put into their Calli tea 1-2 drops
  • In case of intestinal infection, Candidiasis, in the evening put some (3-4) drops to 1 dl water, but the best is to the Calli tea. Continue this for approx 2 months. In the morning the change of intestinal flora, drink the Fibertone fiber capsule, in half a litre of liquid, sweetened by stevia.
  • Wiping the eye in case of hordeolum or conjunctivitis
  • As nose- and eye drops: 1-2 drops to 10-20 mls of water or Calli tea dropped by pipette, or almost blank Sunsmile tube mixed by water or Calli tea, can be used to the nose or the eye as a nose or eyedrop.
  • Irrigation (4-5 drops to 4-5 dls re-boiled, cooled Calli tea)
  • Destroys all harmful organisms, and neutralises the carcinogenic effect of the plant and insect killers on the surface of the fruits and vegetables. Brakes through the wax, and removes the better part to destroy the bacterias under the wax.
  • Removes, washes away the apart from the pacterias the pesticides, the fungus, the fungal spores, the mould, parasites (protozoones, and its ova) and all the other undesirable materials.
  • It helps to avoid the discoloration, taste decay, and early drying, so they can be kept fresh more time. (because the oxidation process slows down). Flush the fruits, vegetables, eggs, meat etc, under watercourse.  Put the fruits and vegetables to a big bowl of water (separately the meat and egg), and put 10-15 drops. Let it soak the plants for 10-15 minutes, then flush them under watercourse and wipe or let them dry. They can be kept in the fridge for weeks, and the taste of them will be more intensive!
  • It is suitable for flushing bowls, tools, furniture, carpet, cooker, washing machine, wc, bathtub, shoes, washing kitchen surfaces. So everything which waits for cleaning in the house!
  • Destroys the plant-lices
  • It can disinfect all kind of skin exposed to any chemicals. Who uses masks, impregnate with this liquid, and any harmful substances, pesticides cannot brake through on it.
  • It is the best solution for handwash, and hand disinfection, used together with the Kandesn hand cleaning gel, ensures steril environment.
  • Environmentally friendly, suitable for every day usage!
30 ml 3 000,- Ft
475 ml 18 000,- Ft
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