How does BRT technology display its effect?

In the age of quantum physics, it is proven with scientific researches that the functioning of cells, tissues, organs constructing the human body, and their synchronization are based on electromagnetic communication. In our body an average of 7000 chemical reactions take place every second. The electromagnetic self-regulation of these processes are called bioregulation.

BRT is a method which uses low intensity, pulsating electromagnetic and mechanic waves (PEMF), which display their effect by generating reaction between signals guiding the body’s wave-like, biochemical processes and the signals of the running program.

Main characteristics:

  • the body works on its own signal system
  • it is safe, because of its low-level signal and dosimetric affiliation
  • it is not invasive, that is, there is no wound (no needle, no operation)
  • it can be applied well besides any other treatment

BRT devices are based on developed, accurate PEMF technology.

For more intensive effect, it can be used with the connection of external signal emitter. The device is pre-programmed. Being based on holistic view (creating the harmony between body, spirit, mind, and nature), certain programs strengthen the environmental signals effecting general state of health. The name of programs helps to choose the factor which makes our state of health bad, and also they provide the conditions experienced as problem, requiring the change of general state of health.

Important: Improving general state of health is greatly influenced by the appropriate water intake. If your general state of health constantly worsens, consult your doctor!

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