Misbelief 1 – „If it contains hyaluronic acid, it must be effective.”

The high-quality hyaluronic acid is one of the most expensive ingredients a cosmetic product can contain. Also, it is acknowledged as one of the most effective natural hydrating and anti-aging substance. Another big problem is the fact that hyaluronic acid can reach to deeper layers of skin and hydrates them, if it is of a small molecular size. (15 nm is the maximum size which allows the substance’s entrance through the deepest layers of healthy epithelium without obstacles.) Only a few cosmetics can provide this. The rest of them display their effect on the cuticle, and just temporarily, since the hyaluronic acid’s natural medium is the loose connective tissue, that is, the dermis. 

Misbelief 2 - Hyaluronic acid is just a cosmetic ingredient

Hyaluronic acid is actually a proteid, a GAG, which can be found everywhere in the human body. Its water-binding ability is extraordinary, it can bind 10000 times its weight. Therefore it has a huge role in the body’s and the tissues’ liquid balance, which is essential for the healthy cellular functioning. 

Misbelief 3 - Hyaluronic acid is most effective if injected

Hyaluronic acid is actually a macro-molecule, therefore it cannot enter to deeper layers of skin through the healthy cuticle. Another basic problem is that the hyaluronic acid introduced by the known cosmetic treatments does not stay for long in the dermis, therefore it cannot display its physiological effect.  As a solution, in most cases chemical reagents are used hyaluronic acid’s reticulation, which are, however, unfamiliar substances for tissues. By now a method exists to produce hyaluronic acid in de-structured form, with extraordinarily small molecular size (smaller than 15 nm). Hyamatrix products contain such de-structured hyaluronic acid with small molecular size, and for its infiltration to connective tissues the small molecular-sized Hyamatrix matrix peptides are in charge, which makes the development of natural hyaluronic acid proteins’ linkages possible – similarly to the natural matrix producing corium’s extracellular substance.


Misbelief 4 - Hyaluronic acid helps only in removing the wrinkles  

Among other the hyaluronic acid is responsible for the skin’s proper fluid balance and the corium’s structured state of appropriate extent, which is the secret of young and firm complexion. Therefore it is obvious that it plays a huge role in the fight against wrinkles. Besides, it provides appropriate medium for optimal cellular functioning, tissue regeneration, and skin’s micro-circulation, so it helps to avoid or correct many skin problems appearing along with aging: rosacea, pigment dots, pale sin, eye oedema, etc. Note that this incredible ingredient has antioxidant, antiphlogistic and antimicrobial effects too. The Hyamatrix products’ ingredients and their unique effect-mechanism provides solution on a large scale for treating skin problems.  

Due to the de-structured hyaluronic acid and HYAMATRIX® Matrix Peptides ®  in the HYAMATRIX®   products, our guests fighting with skin problems can achieve spectacular and long-lasting result. Choose the most suitable treatment in one of our salons and experience the new generation of skincare with HYAMATRIX®!
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