Bioregulation (BRT) technology

In our cells usually 7000 chemical reactions take place per second. The electromagnetic self-regulation of these processes is called bioregulation.
BRT is a method which, similarly to cell phone’s antenna system, uses pulsating electromagnetic signals to strengthen the guiding signals of homeostasis.
Naturally, both in intensity and frequency range there are significant differences. According to the research of Robert O’ Becker, the most effective signals are the ones with extremely low intensity. The frequency range used at this technique is between 1 Hz and 200 kHz


What is homeostasis?

The ability of living organisms to adapt to the changing external and internal circumstances, by which they secure their relative biological stability. The organism exchanges material and energy. These ingredients are secured by self- preserving processes for the living organism, which are called collectively self-regulating processes.

Connection between homeostasis and BRT

The system of homeostasis is guided by electromagnetic waves.

Proven by researchers, the system of homeostasis is guided by electromagnetic waves. The body’s external and internal electromagnetic connections are called bio communication. Since all moving electric charge has magnetic field, and all the cell consisting the human body has electric charge, therefore magnetic field as well, it was obvious that it can display positive effects not only on organic or tissue, but on cellular level as well, actually restoring the original magnetic field which is advantageous for cells. The more frequent we do this, the less we will feel the environmental harm in the functioning of our body.



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